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Shipping and Ordering Information

pertaining to our


of wares

The Indulgence of the TTSCC, The Convenience of Online Shopping

Secure online ordering is available in the catalog. Rejoice in the ease of ordering from your own home.


Online payments are handled via PayPal’s secure shopping cart. Charges from the catalog will appear as being from the TTSCC. We do not store, resell, or otherwise abuse your credit card or personal information.

Make checks and money orders out to TTSCC. US currency only. Sending cash by mail is not encouraged (you do so at your own risk), but is allowed. Please make sure cash is well-hidden if this is your preferred method of payment. Payments may be sent to:

P.O. Box 7
Buffalo, NY 14240-0007 United States of America


Our shipping costs are determined by item weight + your location. You will see the shipping charge before you complete your payment. CDs and vinyl are shipped via Media Mail.

Orders are usually shipped within several days. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. Shipping times may be slightly longer for international orders. Special occasions may interfere with the TTSCC Order Fulfillment and Shipping Division’s ruthless punctuality. You will be notified of any foreseeable delays.

Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges

Refunds, returns, and exchanges are allowed on defective merchandise only.

Damage and/or loss of an item is the responsibility of the US Postal Service, and not the TTSCC.

Miscellaneous Store Policies, &c

  1. We do not take receivership of any nickels constructed of wood or wood-composite materials.
  2. Churlishness is not to be tolerated.
  3. It is generally recognized that there are persons, herewith known as Haters, whose prerogative engenders their need to espouse a philosophy of “Gonna Hate”, per their own internal manifests and beliefs. It is Store Policy to allow this condition to exist in an “as-is” condition, unmolested, and to not take heed of such attitudes as we pursue Our official merchandise-fulfillment policies.
  4. No running near the pool when carrying orders to be fulfilled. Otherwise, running is expected and even encouraged.
  5. Shoes and shirts are NOT required for service in the TTSCC Online Catalog Emporiumisphere.
  6. Shoes and shirts ARE required for in-person service unless customers’ torsos and/or metatarsially-related appendages are of a great beauty, in which cases the conventional wisdom of covering their disgusting sweat-bodies and knobby, be-haired feet with socially appropriate and/or adequate materials (so as to make their revolting nudities appear acceptable and—nay—even, perhaps, attractive or more attractive than ’twould be found in its natural state), may be optional. When in doubt, we ask our customers to err on the side American Modesty and cover that “shit”.
  7. Mesh “shirts” do not count as a shirt.
  8. No mesh “shirts” in the pool.
  9. The seed of the coffee tree, when finely roasted and brewed as a beverage, is one of the great pleasures of life. Enjoyment of said beverage is a wonderful and beautiful event to behold and share with all the lovely, wonderful creatures upon our beautiful planet of Earth. Interruption of this ritual is punishable by death.
  10. We have chosen to close on the day most widely recognized as a day of rest, in order to allow our employees and customers more time for family outings to peruse their local record stores. This has not been an easy decision for the TTSCC because we realize that this decision may cost us financially. Yet we also realize that there are things more important than profits, such as buying records. This is a matter of principle for our company owner and officers and sub-officers and managers and regional manager and market managers and promoters and drivers and coordinators and financial secretaries and &c. This applies only to our forthcoming TTSCC MeggaMart. The online catalog is available at all times, thanks to our relentless procurement of warm bodies.
  11. On slow workdays, quoting and improvising on the line “I think the clock is slow” from Van Halen’s hit "Hot for Teacher" from their last relevant album MCMLXXXIV is to be expected. Employees unfamiliar with this practice will be warned once. Upon subsequent issuance of said phrase, with a one-day minimum allowance for internet searches to have been performed, continued unfamiliarity will result in the employee dressing themselves in their Swim-Suit and being thrown in the pool. UPDATE: This policy is currently on hold as it undergoes review by TTSCC Legal. This page will be updated pending future information.
  12. No Customers are allowed in the pool.
  13. We love you, really, and we hope you enjoy our policies.
  14. No pools are to be allowed in the TTSCC Shipping Facilities.

TTSCC Order Fulfillment and Shipping Division