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The Nightlife

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Palomar Sky Survey

Cover of The Nightlife
The Nightlife
TTSCC 99981
Released: 12/1998
Format: CD

The Nightlife presents Palomar Sky Survey’s fully realized pop vision. 10 songs guaranteed to make you take notice. It’s pop music that lets you breathe. Sparsely melodic guitar and bass twined together by drums, sung by a girl and a boy. Clean-lined guitar with enough grit to propel, sauntering bass melodies and rock-solid rock drumming forms the perfect package. Contains what may be the saddest song of the year, “Smaller Things Have Brought About An End”, plus “Slow Pony”, “Over and Out”. So happy, it will make you sad. Or vice versa.

Itemized Listing of Tracks Contained Upon This Release

  1. Blue in One
  2. Eight Hours East
  3. Present Company
  4. Smaller Things Have Brought About An End
  5. Slow Pony
  6. Are We Heading South?
  7. Premier Plus Ten
  8. v2k!
  9. Nouns Like Rocks
  10. Over and Out

Officially Listed Performers on This Particular Sound Recording Release

  • Val: Guitar, Vocals
  • Joel: Bass, Vocals
  • Renee: Drums