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Jay Jackowski

Cover of Project
TTSCC 99998
Released: 5/16/1998
Format: Cassette

On Project, Jay utilizes repetetive keyboard and drum patterns to invoke a hypnotic, trance-like effect on the listener. Mixed in with the sound of children, turtles, and racket, the effect leaves one somewhat dazed. On the flipside is a remix that, while still following the basic form of Project, is altered enough to make it feel different.

Itemized Listing of Tracks Contained Upon This Release

Side One:
  1. Project
Side Two:
  1. Project (Remix)

Officially Listed Performers on This Particular Sound Recording Release

  • Jay Jackowski
  • Scott: Guitar stuff, from the “Voodoo Song” to the end
  • Paul: Bass on “Happy Together”
  • Anyone on the M.C.: Doesn’t get credit for shit

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