All Music is Sound, All Sound is Music

Jay Jackowski

trumpet drum roil microcassette jam interplay heart and nights lonely

Jay Jackowski

(L to R): Jay Jackowski


When done correctly, there’s a beauty to lo-fi sound layering. That beauty can also give way suddenly into keyboard-fueled nightmare clusters.

Jay is, as they say, part-myth and part-legend, but he is 100% real. He is also a man of few words.


Cover of Haunted
TTSCC 99995
Release Date: 10/1998
Format: Cassette
Cover of Loneliness
TTSCC 99997
Release Date: 5/16/1998
Format: Cassette
Cover of Project
TTSCC 99998
Release Date: 5/16/1998
Format: Cassette