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(L to R): Hussalonia

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Come to Hussalonia where Song and Sound are given Equal Measure!

A man in his fifties fries eggs on a dirty skillet in an all night diner. Loud and nervous sizzles blend with the sound of a lunch-box sized radio playing Dusty Springfield’s “You don’t have to say you love me”. Meanwhile a man in his twenties sits at the counter listening to the two sounds. He recognizes the beauty of both and appreciates the collaboration between composition and chance. A pretty song will scramble just as well as an egg. He thinks about the way pop music surrounds us, and how the sounds of squeaking brakes and supermarket price checks seem to constantly find their way into an occasional chorus or two. The everyday sounds of footsteps, rustling paper and sneezes suddenly become instruments. Sounds that the composer never intended to write into the song suddenly sing or stomp their way through a few measures, thereby creating a new performance. Pretty melodies don’t need pretty instruments, the young man at the counter thinks. Pretty is prettier when it’s obscured. He hears an army of violins but longs for an army or record players, needles skating round the paper label, cradling the melody in their own sweet rotary way.

So what is Hussalonia? A pop group. A family. A place to live. A cast of characters. A secret diary. A funny mood.


Cover of Maryann Hussalonia
Maryann Hussalonia
TTSCC 99993
Release Date: 12/1998
Format: Cassette
Cover of Double Feature: Don Juan de Hussalonia and Russophile Hussalonia
Double Feature: Don Juan de Hussalonia and Russophile Hussalonia
TTSCC 99994
Release Date: 11/1998
Format: Cassette
Cover of Holden Hussalonia
Holden Hussalonia
TTSCC 99996
Release Date: 5/16/1998
Format: Cassette