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In A Bitter Mood

from the



The Disappointments

Cover of In A Bitter Mood
In A Bitter Mood
TTSCC 99985
Released: 10/08/1999
Format: CD

Don’t let the velvet lining in the CD case fool you, the title says it all. Eight songs that reveal how you too can be regarded as a creep, incl. “I’m Afraid That You Will Be Afraid of Me”, “Everywhere I Go I Fall in Love” and “Lost Cause”.

Itemized Listing of Tracks Contained Upon This Release

  1. I’ll Live
  2. I’m Afraid That You Will Be Afraid of Me
  3. Everywhere I Go I Fall in Love
  4. Lions and Tigers
  5. I’m Sorry for Hating You
  6. Stupid Mr. Honesty
  7. Lover’s Curse
  8. Lost Cause

Officially Listed Performers on This Particular Sound Recording Release

  • Jesse James Stewart: Vocals, Guitar
  • Paul John Jones III: Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Bunny McColl: Percussion, Enthusiastic Hollers

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