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Buffalo EP

from the



The Disappointments

  • How The Disappointments were imagied to look in the Future.
  • How Microsurgeon looked at the turn of the 20th Century.
Buffalo EP
TTSCC 99982
Released: 9/14/2001
Format: 7”

What do you get when you cross the blazing keyboards of the pop future with the rusticated power pop of The Disappointments? Such experiments are not our to place to foretell. Luckily, you can find out on this “high concept” EP w/Microsurgeon that finds each band writing a song about Buffalo, performing it, then covering the other band’s song. The Disappointments contribute “Buffalonia”, Microsurgeon contribute “We Killed McKinley”. Released in conjunction with Abandoned Arts/Spacefish Records to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Assassination of President William McKinley in Buffalo, NY.

Itemized Listing of Tracks Contained Upon This Release

  1. Buffalonia (The Disappointments)
  2. We Killed McKinley (The Disappointments)
  3. We Killed McKinley (Microsurgeon)
  4. Buffalonia (Microsurgeon)

Officially Listed Performers on This Particular Sound Recording Release

  • Jesse James Stewart: Electrified Guitar, Singing
  • Paul John Jones III: Bass Fiddle
  • Erik Von Wild: Drum
  • The Fancy Lad: Oration

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