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Noise Kills Punk Dead

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Cover of Noise Kills Punk Dead
Noise Kills Punk Dead
Released: 02/1999
Format: CD

Organized by a madman from Thora-Zine, the Noise Kills Punk Dead compilation operated on a simple premise: all tracks had to be one minute or less. Released by Opulence Records, and now very much legendary and out-of-print, the TTSCC’s own collectorbaseemitter contributes two tracks: “laugh and the world laughs at you” (Track #55), and a split collaborative track with Abandoned Arts (R.I.P.) recording act Radio Slave (Track #37, also R.I.P.), submitted as Radio:Emitter, dubbed “Bi:Polar” (Track #23). A largely accurate and complimentary review can be found at

Itemized Listing of Tracks Contained Upon This Release

  1. Urban Jungle Series: Chickens
  2. Diamond Shamrock: Noyz Inda Hood
  3. Pyroclastix: Cultural Hegemony
  4. Our Glassie Azoth: Sephiroth
  5. Noisia: Frame By Frame
  6. Fallopian Tube Steaks With Beer: I Might As Well Be Jamming With Elvis
  7. Daimyo Gyoretsu: Destroyed Robot
  8. Diamond Shamrock: Instant Satori
  9. The Void Organization: No Corpse = No Crime
  10. Inkpot Monkey: Fooj
  11. I-45: Choices
  12. Wart Wamsteker: Sunday Borning Marmeque
  13. Ude Wir: P.L. $1,000,222.00$
  14. Joshua Bourke: The Light
  15. Urban Jungle Series: Osaka Traffic Signal (Oharabushi)
  16. Cortex Bomb: Paul Schaffer Auto Erotic Vacuum Cleaner Exit Wound
  17. Animatter: X-Tract
  18. Ultra Psycho Toast: Furthering Retroro Joke
  19. Mitsugi, Yuji & Sawano: Koshigaya MACS "B" Studio
  20. Arthur Loves Plastic: Words To Live By
  21. B.C. Whitehead: I Owe 25
  22. Platzangst: And Live I Will
  23. Radio:Emitter: Bi:Polar
  24. I-45: Candaygitfunkee
  25. The M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab: To Go All The Way (60" Remix)
  26. Idle Hands: Rokus
  27. Kokugo Piano: Romance Guerilla
  28. Leon B.: John’s Denver
  29. Magmax: Magma Death
  30. Eckankore: For Trikuti
  31. Kodoku Baka Shibai: Black Snot
  32. Gaga: Cute-Cuddly-Smooshes Things FLAT
  33. Cyborg: QbBBQ
  34. The Evolution Control Committee: Stairway To Royalty Payments
  35. Cyborg: Tom’s Jones
  36. Brutum Fulmen: Quartet For Plastic Toy Horns
  37. Radio Slave: Your Bullshit Story
  38. Unsound: Establishing Shot
  39. Prajekt Slim: The Ides Of Mars
  40. Dienstag: Téte-á-Téte, Radio Edit
  41. CPI: Obsequious Pathways
  42. Government Alpha: Terminal Care
  43. Con: Munk
  44. The End Of Time: Six Dimensional Space
  45. S.F.W.D.: 00.01.00
  46. LLXTA: Beast
  47. Radio Terrain: Bank Your Healing
  48. Entropical Utopia: An Angel Has No Memory (Part II)
  49. All Mouth No Trousers: One More Minute
  50. Pointless Orchestra: Mae
  51. Spinetic: K-Otic
  52. Eckankore: For Agam Purusha
  53. Histatic Charge: Zero To Sixty
  54. Ethiopian Hunger Strike: Bifurcation
  55. collectorbaseemitter: Laugh And The World Laughs At You
  56. Rhythm Boobs: Coup De Grace
  57. Shiver U.K.: Bring Me Your Delusioned (Live)
  58. Liviiing: Opening
  59. MSBR: Body Snatcher
  60. Crut: Honi
  61. CPI: National Anthem (Version)
  62. ST 37: Remains Kickbit
  63. Hartmut Geerken: Sun Harp
  64. Hypnochrist: Apotheosis
  65. Permanent Voltage: Robo Killer
  67. Cyborg: Death Munch