All Music is Sound, All Sound is Music


cacophonous drone and ambient heart break total sound destruction finds languid expansion


(L to R): collectorbaseemitter


Serving as the house band on the TTSCC Campuses, collectorbaseemitter is still just your regular bunch of folks copying cassette tape to cassette tape until Repetitive Stress Injury sets in.

If you were to ask if they are a band, yes, collectorbaseemitter is a band. The membership may shift, and the sound that is made is somewhere between song and noise. This works well for collectorbaseemitter, as it’s believed (through the usual channels of member-only message board posts, internet speculation, and tabloid cable news networks such as CNN) that the band is somewhere between a dream and reality—figuratively—though wags like to say literally as well.

Loops, found sound that may be sound found from other’s sounds, on television, on bootlegs of bands, on files of friends, or on tapes rescued from moldering cemetary garbage dumps. New and old mixed together, like a somewhat wonderful dream. That is collectorbaseemitter.


Cover of Noise Kills Punk Dead
Noise Kills Punk Dead
Released: 02/1999
Format: CD