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About the TTSCC

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About the History, Origins, and Purpose of the TTSCC

Friends! Ladies! Pastry-chefs! Bikini Models!—Please report to the front desk immediately. Everyone else, please read on…

The shadowy sound accumulation collective that has been established heretofore as the TTSCC has a long and noble heritage.


Established with the blessings of (perhaps) faux Royalty, our enterprise was begun with pomp and purpose. Despite having the finest of research facilities, ground-breaking advancements in the technologies related to the production, entrapment, and propagation of sound fields, a clerical oversite ensured that the actual establishment of the public-facing end of the TTSCC—long-assumed to be under the stewardship of “someone else”—was finally established towards century’s end.


At some point, perhaps due to the unsavory influence of sugared-colas on warm summer days, intemperate automobile use, or the eating of watermelons grown out in the night air, some of the trusted TTSCC staff were overwhelmed with gonifs. These grifters caused a general derangement of the senses, and time was spent in idle pursuits of we-know-not-what, while the good Professor was we-know-not-where. Oh-no.

Eventually, this news reached the Professor. Outraged, he rushed back to find affairs in disarray. The web site was empty. The bands had been murdered or forced into hiding. He would rebuild this public operation again.


It is now 2010. The rebuilding begins, in a world easier and harder than the one that had been left behind, so many years before. Please stand by us, and we shall stand by you. For, although we are a mighty and proud force of Intelligent Industrial Practices and could crush most world economies with a sigh, we are but comprised of mere humans, ready to help you no matter what the request. Unless you cross us. Then we’ll fucking cut you.

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Demo Policy

We don’t accept demos and we aren’t signing bands. We do like new music. Links to sites/MP3s work great for that.

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